A quest for healthy (and easy) eating

13 Sep

If my high school had done senior quotes in our yearbooks, I probably would have picked George Bernard Shaw’s adage, “There is no love more sincere than the love of food.” Eating is a spiritual experience and there is almost nothing better, to me, than an amazing meal

However, there’s almost nothing worse than trying to cook an amazing meal and screwing it up because it’s too complicated and you’re too much of a novice to get it right. So although I love to eat, sometimes I really hate cooking. On this blog I’ll find recipes from other blogs, recreate them, and give tips on how to adjust the recipe to a beginner’s level.

When I was younger, my mom used to tease me and say I had better marry a man who could cook because I was pretty much useless in the kitchen. I could “make” a lot of food:  cereal, grilled cheese, sandwiches, or anything that came in a box that I only had to add water and maybe eggs to (even that was pushing it, though). Needless to say, when I got married almost two years ago, I practically burned the house down and couldn’t “cook” anything edible   struggled. For the first few months I only used recipes from the Keeping up Cookbook, a great beginner’s cookbook. From that point on I learned how to start with a recipe and customize it and make it my own.

Then I found Pinterest. And my mind exploded.

Since I began “pinning” recipes about a year ago I have seen some crazy recipes, like baked goods without any ingredients typically associated with baking and meals that call for obscure ingredients you have to order off Amazon (if I planned that far in advance, I wouldn’t be searching Pinterest at 6 p.m. for something to cook for dinner right now). However, I also discovered greek yogurt is amazing and can be used as a substitute for fatty ingredients, and quinoa is as much fun to cook/eat as it is to say. 



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