My one and only specialty

22 Oct

My dad loves mexican food and we grew up making salsa and guacamole. We perfected a blend of spices and citrus juice to add in to guacamole. My dad makes a famous salsa with mangoes, raspberries, tomatoes, cilantro, roasted green chiles, hot peppers, and a secret ingredient that has won him many blue ribbons at salsa cook offs. A couple of years ago my dad called me and said he saw an amazing ingredient to add into guacamole from Bobby Flay. Now, people put some pretty strange ingredients in guacamole but I had never thought of this.


Avocados can get expensive and if you add equal parts peas, you can double the size of your guacamole for a fraction of the cost. I like to buy a package of pre-made Wholly Guacamole for $4, which gives you two cups and if you add two cups of peas you’ll have enough for a party! Peas also are very nutritious and add a whole new dimension of goodness to your dip because they’re high in protein. And I promise it doesn’t taste like you’re just eating a bunch of peas.

Here’s my recipe:

1 package spicy Wholly Guacamole

2 cups frozen peas

1/2 lime

1/3 cup canned corn

1/3 feta cheese

Put the peas in a strainer and run hot water over them until you can easily smoosh one with your fingers. Put the peas in a food processor and blend until all peas are mashed (not smooth). If you want a smoother texture, add in the guacamole and blend it some more. Combine the guacamole and peas in a bowl and add in corn and feta cheese (I don’t usually measure out amounts for these; it’s all according to taste). Squeeze the lime and keep tasting (you don’t want the lime to overpower it).

I can make this in about ten minutes and it’s such a crowd pleaser! Bust it out the next time you have friends or family over and make them guess what the “secret ingredient” is.


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